Caboki Hair Loss Concealer Review

Caboki-Hair-Loss-ConcealerAfter meeting 3 physicians on constant hair loss and even getting a hair transplant, we’ve interviewed  R. Gladwin and here is what he described Caboki Hair Loss Concealer:

“Every time a doctor recommends me a product, I usually buy it. I think less about price and more about the effects since I’m a stock broker. I’ll be straightforward and having to see my hair in the sink after a shower just triggers my stress and anger hormones. I’ve been a regular Rogaine user and wasn’t getting the results I wanted. My doctor showed me a sample of Caboki and she said to try this one out. Well, I got results. “

Effectiveness of Caboki

When using this concealer, you should note that this is a powdery substance which you apply gently to parts where there are open spots. This makes an illusion that you have plenty of hair even in close distance. Note: You shouldn’t use this if you are completely bald. There won’t be any effect. It is very effective for those looking for a quick fix and not thinking about getting an expensive hair transplant. Think of this as putting on makeup but not getting a surgery. Do you get the idea? Here is what you should expect:

  • Fluffy and thick looking hair
  • No more bald spots
  • Confidence in front of people, especially on special occasions
  • No synthetic dyes or fillers
  • For both men and women


Since it is made of 100% natural ingredients, there is no worries that it will cause additional hair thinning or even baldness.

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How long will it last

From the name “concealer”, it lasts only for a temporary time. An average of 17-20 hours which is plenty of time to get back home or to go to a restroom and apply some more (if you’re very paranoid). There are cases where some of the users slept with it and didn’t leave any marks on the pillows and bedsheets. It washes off easily by applying shampoo.

The technology that Caboki has is the friction, which each grain of powder is attracted to strands of hair which will create a fluffy and thick look. Also, you shouldn’t touch your hair after applying the concealer because some of the powder residue will stick to your hands. If you find your head itchy, get a pen to scratch your scalp.

Though you can have this on for long, we at Hairwiki urge you to use it only for less than 12 hours to give your scalp a time to breathe. If not, the scalp would have a hard time bringing minerals to each existing strands of hair.

How to Apply

This video below will show you how to apply the said concealer:

Some caution to remember

  • Don’t comb your hair after application
  • Don’t press your hair with caps or helmets
  • Stay away from sweaty activities like the gym or active sports.
  • Do not inhale

Overall, if you are looking for the best temporary fix, this product works. You would only need 2-3 minutes to feel amazing. When using this concealer, people wouldn’t notice that you have bald spots until you tell them.

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Lastly you should also take care of your scalp by using proper shampoos and supplements that we also have reviewed in this website.


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