Iron Deficiency and Hair Loss

iron deficiency hair lossIndeed, not getting the right amount of protein in diet could result to baldness or hair loss. Iron deficiency could disrupt hair growth. To prevent this problem, it is timely to consider various great sources of protein like meat, fish, dairy products, and eggs.

Thus, protein is highly essential in breaking down amino acids and has the capacity to help human body in repairing and growing its cells. For vegetarians, it is best to have more nuts, soya, beans, and green peas.

Based on medical research, there is actually a strong connection between iron deficiency and hair loss. In fact, any hair grow treatment becomes more effective when combined with iron. In the same manner, whatever the real factor that triggers hair loss, still the condition becomes much worst if the patient has low level of iron in his or her blood.

It is very clear from the experiences of several dermatologists that iron supplements could help to regrow and replenish hair loss. However, people should also be cautious in taking iron since iron overload could also lead to other health problem.

Hair Loss could be an Indication

Most often, hair loss is a sign that some nutrients like iron is actually lacking in human body system. Medical doctors suggest the importance of Ferritin which is a type of iron responsible for its storage in the blood.

Heavy Menstruation Resulting to Anemia

In fact, iron deficiency is the common reason why women get bald. Many of them are experiencing heavy menstruation causing their iron level to deplete heavily and turn into anemia. However, in the case of hereditary reasons, patients could still prevent hair loss if they have high level of iron. Iron could help the hair follicle to accelerate its function and improve its overall condition. For elders, having anemia could be an indication of a more serious illness like colon cancer.

Iron Supplements

It is clear that iron supplements are beneficial especially in treating baldness or hair loss. Aside from its benefits, it is also easy to find foods rich in iron, like oysters, tofu, raisins, lean beef, beans, and raisins. Other patients might have greater problem with Iron that they need to take additional supplements like ferrous sulfate each day. Despite its benefits, iron could also be detrimental if taken in large amount since it could cause constipation and other stomach problems.

Other Causes

Majority of women actually experienced hair loss, and about two thirds suffered bald patches and hair thinning. It is good to know that women normally do not go totally bald like men. Thus, the most common factors that trigger hair loss in women are:

Low Iron

Majority of women are suffering hair loss because of low iron in their body. Indeed, even they are not anemic; still such condition could affect the growth of their hair. They are vulnerable to have this condition because of childbirth, heavy menstruation, and occurrence of menopausal. By simply having heavy menstruation, women could lose significant amount of iron that some remain undetected for many years. Common symptoms of iron-deficiency:

  • Pale skin
  • dark under-eye circles
  • restless legs
  • fatigue
  • cold hands and feet
  • dizziness

Low Thyroid

This is another health problem that could result to hair thinning to hair loss. The symptoms of this condition are almost similar with iron-deficiency anemia. Indeed, patients suffering with low thyroid are often left undetected and they lose eyebrow hair. Patients suffering from this condition must consult a medical doctor about the result of their TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) test. Furthermore, they are also advised to increase their intake of foods rich in potassium, iodine, gugguls, tyrosine, and panthothenic acid.

Lack of certain minerals in diet

It is true that many people are neglecting their diet, and not eating enough fruits and vegetables. This scenario usually results to nutrient deficiency; they lack certain nutrients like silicon, Zinc, and selenium that are essential to hair growth. This condition is critical especially if the person is taking up other medications, suffering from stress, or abusive to alcohol and smoking. In order to prevent this, a person must take multivitamins.


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