Rogaine for Hair Loss

Among the many medications to control and stop hair loss, Rogaine ranks as one of the more effective brands. Rogaine for hair loss has been a much-documented health program, including the many tests and testimonials from its satisfied clientele.

As such, Rogaine had earned its reputation as one that halts shedding of hair and is found to help grow new hair. The drug is known to be effective on many forms of alopecia (loss of hair) due to various causes (genetics, drugs, hormones, chemicals, etc.)

rogaine for hair loss

At present, it is one of the many leading drugs used in the arrest of hair loss as well as an agent that aids in having hair grow again. Although there are differences in the use and in the formulation of the drug that are gender-specific, the outcome is the same.

Like the other newly-discovered drugs with similar properties, Rogaine was initially developed for hypertension. The beneficial side effect where it stimulates hair growth becomes the main drug agenda and was marketed as such.

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Side effects of Rogaine

With the widespread reputation of Rogaine as an effective medicine that prevents hair loss, it should also be a concern to users (and would-be users) of the medication to the documented side effects of the drug.

They include lower blood pressure, irritation of the scalp, irritation of the eyes, dizziness, excessive weight gain, and sometimes excessive hair growth.


More side effects?

Of late, patients are also using Lonetin, the oral form of Rogaine with Minoxidil as active ingredients. Aside from the mentioned side effects, there were new side effects associated with the oral form.

There is a marked salt and water retention noted while patients are using the oral Rogaine. Medical authorities advised the use of diuretics to go with the hair loss medication.

Without diuretics, rapid weight gain can happen caused by water and salt retention. Symptoms include puffy faces, hands, and stomach area.

There are also conditions of rapid heart rates. To check on them, first count your heart rate while rested. If they show 20 beats or more than your normal pulse rate, have yourself checked with your doctor.

The other side effects include difficulty in breathing, aggravating pain in the chest shoulder or arm, sever indigestion, dizziness or lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting. Also, avoid taking the drug Guanethidine without first checking with your doctor.


Does Rogaine really work?

In most cases, the medication is effective. From the testimonials, one gets the impression that following the methods in applying the medication helps most of the first-time users.

rogaine before and after

From the testimonials, one gets to know that the people using the medication develop their own strategies. One says she applies it hours before washing her hair because they become sticky.

Some found out the hard way that stopping the medication will bring back the hair loss, after getting a full head of hair. The others stopped the entire medication because the side effects took over much of their experience (headaches, itching, dizziness).


Generic Rogaine

In the pharmaceutical industry, a company discovers and patents a new drug and will get the exclusive rights to its marketing. This usually runs for 20 years if it is a US patent. By that time, they would have made enough profits

rogaine for hair loss

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After the exclusive selling rights ends, the market is opened to competition. This actually means that other companies can now manufacture the patented drug outside of its mother company. The manufacturing formula is now open and is generic and can be made by anybody.

Often, the drug’s raw materials are not that expensive. The original drug-maker simply pegged their original price on the drug to recoup their usually huge initial investments in the research and development, plus some add-in amount to make profits for the company.

When other companies make the drug, the price can sometimes go very much way down compared to the original one that sometimes consumers become wary if they are buying a genuine drug or a fake one. (In countries with lax regulations and laws, fake drugs sometimes get sold in the open market.)

In short, the generic Rogaine is the same through and through as the original drug, in composition and in effectiveness. With many companies now doing the manufacture, there is competition, and the price naturally goes down as much as it can.


Does Rogaine Work for Receding Hairline?

There are documented case studies that showed Rogaine was able to treat frontal hair loss as much as it did in the crown and back. This was a reversal to an old belief that Rogaine is able to do hair restoration around the scalp’s vertex and nowhere else.

The study in 2003 had the subjects use a 5% Minoxidil content. There were those who were using the 2% lower concentration and still finished with positive results, although in lesser number.

More than half of the men tested using the 5% solution got their positive results of effective treatment of the frontal hair loss. The hair in the temple area was not included in the test as the hair loss in the area is mostly associated with age. Moreover, the area does not respond well to the hair loss medication.


How to use Rogaine Properly

As it is with all medications, the correct use is essential to the success of the drug. With several forms of Rogaine available, the most common (and the most effective as per consensus among its users) is the topical form.

procedures in using rogaine for hair loss

Topical, in medical parlance, means application of the medicine on the site where it is needed. (Rogaine is needed on the user’s hair region.) The topical form comes in both the solution and in foam and are applied on the area needing them (the scalp where hair grows).

The solution form is used for both men and women while the foam type is produced specifically for males. These days, however, there are now foam types (in 2% and in 5%) approved for use in women. Still, both forms are to be applied twice daily, preferably in the morning and in the evening.

There is a slight difference in the application of the solution and foam.

For the Rogaine Foam for use by men, the main method is to part the hair in one or more rows to maximize your hair’s exposure to the foam.  Be careful in handling the foam as it can melt in your (warm) hands.

Use your fingers in spreading the foam, gently massaging your scalp as you do. Wash your hands thoroughly after use.

Applying the medication using the solution form of Rogaine is almost the same, with some variations.

First, make sure the scalp is dry. Fill up the dropper with 1 milliliter of the solution. Part the area where you want it, and pour some drops onto the scalp and massage your way. Do the same in the next area. Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Wait till the solution dries up before putting in some hairstyling product.

Do the same routine in the evening before you go to bed. All these are general guidelines on how to apply Rogaine.

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Just to be on the correct side, you need to follow the instructions written on the box or a separate instruction sheet down to the letter. Rogaine for hair loss application routine is actually very simple.

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