9 Best Hair Care Tips and Hacks


While most of us want our hair to look nice, rushed schedules and busy routines make this tough to accomplish. To help you achieve the dream of great hair, we’ve compiled a list of tips and hacks, making it possible for you to enjoy glorious locks with little effort.

Purchase the Best Brush for the Job

Hairbrushes are an essential tool when it comes to caring for and styling your locks. Our tip is to buy several to ensure that you have the right one for your hair type and preferred style. Whether you like to curl, straighten or style your hair in an updo, you’ll need a properly designed brush. Some brushes are developed to manage extensions while others feature unique sizes, bristles and shapes to help you create the right style.

Round brushes are designed for bangs or to curl hair. If you prefer a smooth hairstyle, then buy a flat brush. Also, consider investing in a wide, flat brush for styles that are in between. Use it for ponytails, buns and twists. If stray hairs are a problem, purchase a toothbrush and dedicate it to taming these hairs. To use a toothbrush on your hair, spritz it with a holding spray and brush along your hairline and part.

Moisturize with Almond Butter

When your hair is feeling dry, apply a small dab of organic almond butter to the dry areas. Let the butter remain in your hair for at least 30 minutes. Then, shampoo it and rinse it thoroughly. Almond butter contains vitamin E, which is especially good for your hair. It may even aid in growth while making your locks thick and soft.

Prevent Fading

If you color your hair a light shade, you can prevent it from fading with a few items from your refrigerator. Squeeze a lemon into a cup of beer. Then, pour the combination over your hair. Let it soak for a few minutes as you sit underneath the sun. Seal in the effects by shampooing and conditioning your hair.

Keep Hair Shiny with Cold Water

After applying conditioner, rinse it out of your hair with the coldest water you can cope with. This seals each hair cuticle instantly, causing the shaft to close up. When hair shafts are closed, they reflect the natural light and exhibit more shine.

Embrace Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo lets you maintain a stylish blowout for days after a visit to the hair salon. If you decide to extend your hairdo, spritz dry shampoo along your scalp. Then, brush it through your hair. Avoid blowing it dry because this could make your hair appear dirty or greasy. Dry shampoo absorbs the oil and grease that develops when you don’t wash your hair. To keep your hair smelling fresh, place a few drops of peppermint, grapefruit or eucalyptus essential oil in your hand and run it across your hair.

Applying Conditioner

Like almond butter, conditioner prevents your hair from becoming too dry, but because your scalp forms natural oils, the addition of conditioner can weigh your hair down. Avoid this by applying your conditioner about three or four inches away from your scalp.

Style with the Right Tools

When it comes to styling your hair, be sure to invest in the right equipment. For instance, apply a thermal protective spray to your hair before blowing it dry with an ionic dryer. The protective spray creates a line of defense against the heat of the hairdryer. In addition, ionic dryers dry hair more quickly than regular dryers do. As you use the appliance, move it continuously. This step prevents hot spots and also protects hair.

Save Your Hair with Ceramic Tools

If you have textured hair, ceramic tools will keep it healthy and shiny. Invest in a ceramic round brush, curling iron and flat iron. Ceramic distributes heat evenly, and this protects your hair. Ceramic-coated irons heat the same way as solid ceramic tools, but if you buy one that’s coated, the underlying metal will eventually wear through. This won’t happen with a solid ceramic iron. Expect to pay more for the solid version.

Use Professional Tools

When it comes to selecting professional salon tools, the Donald Scott NYC line offers a range of cutting products. From traditional straight razors to fine cutting combs that hairstylists use to texturize hair to trimmers that make it easy for you to customize cuts and trims, the Donald Scott NYC line lets you explore your haircutting creativity.

Donald Scott is an industry expert who started his career with Paul Mitchell. After opening his own salon, Scott noticed that the haircutting industry lacked the tools it needed to allow stylists to express their abilities and creative talents. To resolve this issue, Scott developed his own line.

Haircare Tips and Hacks Make Hair Maintenance Simple

With these haircare tips and hacks, maintaining your hair is sure to be a breeze. From brightening it with stuff that you have in your fridge to using the proper brush, taking care of your hair can be easy and simple. Whether you’re an expertly trained stylist or just like to dabble with your own hairstyle, consider using professional salon tools from Donald Scott NYC.

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