Essential Oils for Hair Growth

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Natural hair growth is a factor of a rich diet, regular maintenance practices, and suitable hair products. In most cases, poorly developed hair and general hair loss are often associated with men as opposed to their female counterparts. However, the problem is not gendered specific as there is a bunch of ladies worldwide suffering the similar cases. Currently, several natural and synthetic hair products have come up to promote robust hair growth and prevent severe loss. Below is a look at the essential oils that promote hair growth.

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Chamomile essential oil

Chamomile oil is known for the antidepressant, antibiotic, antispasmodic, febrifuge, tonic, and cicatrizing effects. Made from chamomile plant, the oil promotes quick healing of the skin marks, scars, and bruises. It helps in soothing inflamed areas and healing irritated dandruff that could lead to hair loss. Other than using the abrasive chemical bleaching agents, one can opt to use the product as it comes with minimal side effects.

Juniper essential oil

Traditionally, the product was mainly used in as a vaccine against diseases in Egypt, Greece, and France. Extracted from the juniper berries, needles and wood, the natural product offers healing effects to the skin and prevents hair loss. Depending on the user’s intention, the extract can be blended with other oils to achieve specific health purposes. It is stimulating, depurative, sudorific, tonic, and vulnerary features make it a suitable moisturizing agent that promotes hair growth.

Tea tree oil for hair growth

The oil is a household name for those that embrace home remedies for their health issues. It is extracted from the foliar part of the Melaleuca alternifolia mainly found in Australia. The product comes with highly concentrated level anti-microbial features and hence used in low concentrations to prevent potential harm to the skin and hair. The presence of dandruff and dead skin on the scalp leads to massive hair loss. With antibacterial and antifungal features, it helps in eliminating the microorganisms that cause dandruff.
It keeps the hair moisturized and reduces excess accumulation of other oils on the scalp that is likely to congest the follicles hindering hair growth. However, for those whose hair is in good shape, they may need to use the product to prevent potential clogging of the scalp. Continuous use of shampoos and hair conditioners leads to gradual accumulation of a clogging layer on the scalp that prevents robust hair growth. As if not enough, the herb offers the following benefits to human hair:
1. Effective treatment against lice
2. Treat scalp problems in infants but in fewer amounts
3. Provides anti-androgenic effects that lower baldness in men
4. Maintains an ideal scalp condition for hair growth through prevention against bacterial infections
5. When used in massage activity, the oil promotes blood circulation reducing the inflammation effects.

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Avocado oil for hair growth

Often, people talk about avocados as the nutritious fruit with numerous health benefits. Little is talked about its use in promoting a fast hair growth and enhancing the glittering look. Recently, the fruit is gaining preference among the modern generation that is keen to reduce cholesterol intake in their diets.

Other than that, it’s rich in vitamins, fats, potassium, proteins and several minerals essential for hair growth and repair. The high penetrative power makes it easy to maintain a moist condition on the scalp necessary for new hair growth. Also, the lubricating nature prevents the formation of dandruff that clogs the hair follicles.

Coconut oil for hair growth

Coconut oil is extracted from the coconut drupe, found in the coastal regions. Over the years, coconut oil has proven effective in maintaining a thick, moisturized and oily hair. Use of the natural compound eliminates the need for synthetic dandruff shampoos thanks to its antifungal features. The oil promotes growth in the following ways:
1. Coconut contains the Lauric acid that muddles the protein in the hair and prevents the roots and threads from breaking.
2. Provides a moist condition that shields the hair from external impurities and extra heat.
3. An intensive massage session with coconut oil improves blood circulation and nutrients distribution to the hair.
4. The oil is rich in vitamins E, K, and iron that are effective remedies for dandruff. Additionally, the anti-microorganism properties protect the hair from lice and dandruff.

Rosemary oil for hair growth

With a growing number of hair related problems, the cosmetic sector has seen a surge in the product development. Every company has made efforts to explore natural remedies to provide a lasting solution to particular challenges. In the ancient Greece, Egypt, and Roman Empire, the herb was highly regarded for its aromatic properties on roasted lamb and potatoes. In addition to culinary uses, it was used to relieve aching muscles, calm digestive upsets, and improve memory.
In the recent times, it has found widespread use in the cosmetic industry. The essential oil is associated with slow graying, reduced baldness and rapid growth of hair. Also, it promotes new hair growth and healing of the scalp. The herb can be used as massage oil, hair rinse agent or even mixed with washing shampoos to achieve the desired results.

essential oils for hair growth

Jojoba oil for hair growth

The waxy hair product is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. The oil gained preference after the killing of whales was prohibited in many parts of the world. It’s widely found in Mexico, California, and Arizona in the United States of America. The oil helps in moisturizing the hair without leaving residues preventing scalp dryness and eventual dandruff formation. Just like the human skin oils, jojoba promotes a balanced oil production and hence suitable treatment for acne. With bacterial infections stunting hair growth, jojoba provides protective and curative effects against these microorganisms.

Emu oil for hair growth

Unlike most of the herbs, that promote a healthy scalp for rapid hair growth, Emu oil comes from an Australian flightless bird-often considered a source for low-fat meat. Traditionally, the oil was used to relieve muscular pains, heal wounds, and sooth aching body parts. In the modern cosmetic practice, the oil has regained its significance owing to the growth and regrowth stimulating properties within a short period.
Ideally, hair loss in men and women is attributed to aging, genetic factors, and hormonal changes. As people advance in age, the hair follicles tend to condense the anagen leading to death and hair loss. With emu oil, one can reverse the situation by awakening the sleeping follicles. A research in Boston University School of Medicine found Emu oil capable of increasing hair growth by up to 20%. Also, it found that the oil activated over 80% of the inactive hair follicles rejuvenating their growth activity.
Health experts recommend the use of Emu oil in massage for up to three times a day, with the results expected to show after 30 days to 90 days of application. Upon application, one should allow the herb to stay for 30 minutes to allow thorough penetration before rinsing.

essential oils for hair growth
use of olive oil

Olive oil for hair growth

With an increased craving for keeping elegant hairstyles, people tend to alter their hair products to keep up with the latest trends. Despite achieving short-term aesthetic value from frequent treatments, the quality of the hair regarding strength and length goes down over time. Experimenting with every new hair style and products leaves it weak with time.
Derived from the olive plant, olive oil was commonly used by the ancient Mediterranean communities for cooking, medicinal, and fuel for lamps. Other than the hair stimulating factors, olive oil is perhaps one of the highly regarded herbs worldwide for the holistic medical effects in treating cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory disorders and lowering the risk of contracting cancer.
Olive contains vitamins A and E that help in firming up hair filaments and stimulating the follicles for higher growth rate. Massage on the scalp improves blood and air circulation for healthy hair while the anti-fungal properties prevent hair loss. Also, the herb inhibits the production of Dihydrotestosterone hormone that causes thinning, dying out, and stunted the growth of hair.

Argan oil for hair growth

Widely regarded as the “Liquid Gold”, the Moroccan oil is derived from the kernels of an indigenous tree-the argan tree. The conditioner is rich in essential vitamins and fatty acids that deliver outstanding beauty to hair when used in appropriate portions and procedures. Vitamin E in Argan oil contains antioxidants that stimulate cell activity in producing healthy hair. Unlike other agents, the oil provides both immediate and long-term results to damaged and stunted hair. It improves the physical aspects of the hair through:
1. Moisturizing the hair and eliminating dandruff
2. Reinstating hair damaged by excessive use of chemical dyes and shampoos
3. Reducing brittleness and improving the strength
4. Promoting the shiny and dazzling look of the hair
5. Protecting the hair against heat damage during the straightening process

Lavender essential oil

Known for the sweet floral scent, the oil has found significant use in the masseuse to relax after long weeks of work. You can use the oil complement the conventional lotions, shampoos and skin care conditioners. When it comes to hair treatment, the product is used for medicinal purposes than is used for cosmetic reasons. The herb has proven effective in treating alopecia- an infection that causes the body to cast-off the hair follicles resulting in massive loss of hair.

In some instances, the oil is recommended to reduce the possibility of male baldness and also eliminate lice. When it comes to the application process, it should never be used undiluted as it causes itching and scorching effects on the scalp. Also, caution should be taken to prevent possible contact with the eyes and the mucous membranes.

Basil essential oil

Basil essential oil is made from the basil plant, currently grown across Europe and the United States of America. Before the spread to these areas, it was formerly common in Asia with a noticeable presence in India. Culturally, the Indians used to chew the leaves of the before any religious activity, and hence considered sacred.
It’s widely used to enrich different cuisines such as sausages, spiced meats, pickles and tomato pastes among others. In some households, the herb is used as a bedbug repellant, with the commercial sector incorporating it in the mouthwashes and dental ointments. The oil comes with stimulant properties that improve blood circulation and hence increasing the rate of growth and regrowth.

Basil oil for hair growth

Peppermint essential oil

Just like Lavender, Peppermint is one of the most versatile and abundant oil worldwide. It’s used to provide a cooling effect to the body and relieves aching muscles. The product is derived from the upper part of the plant with the most abundant components being menthol and menthone.
Other than the numerous use in the general health, the herb is highly effective in stimulating the scalp, awakening the dormant follicles and energizing the mind. It provides antiseptic effects and hence suitable for treating dandruff and controlling lice infestation that retards hair growth. When it comes to application, one needs 2-3 drops of the herb added to the ordinary shampoos and hair conditioners.

Sandalwood essential oil

Sandalwood oil is derived from the wooden pieces of a medium-aged sandal tree with older trees providing higher quantities than younger ones. As it stands, many people consider the Indian sandalwood to be more efficient than from other states. The global demand for the Indian species is almost driving the variety into extinction making it expensive for the low-income population.
In the Hindu religion, the plant was and is considered sacred and hence obligatory in most of the religious and social rituals. If you are suffering from chronic skin lesions on your scalp, sandalwood oil provides antimicrobial effects that helps in healing persistent injuries, blemishes and fungal infections that causes dandruff. Also, it promotes maintain dry ends on the hair threads while improving the shiny look.

Cedarwood oil

Distilled from the cedar wood tree pieces, the oil comes with medicinal features such as tonic, fungicidal, antiseptic and astringent among others. In general health, the herb is used to treat eczema, arthritis, acne and persistent coughs across all ages. The product is also standard for hair care where it prevents the presence of flaky scalp.
The antiseptic properties make it useful in preventing and curing any fungal and bacterial diseases that lower the rate of hair growth. For chronic hair loss, the oil promotes follicles and improves nutrient distribution to the scalp. The better part is that the herb can be used in conjunction with other oils such as Lavender, Rosemary, and thyme.

Thyme oil

When it comes to bacterial disease, persistent use of the synthetic drugs impacts on your immunity. Also, the microorganisms keep mutating lowering the efficiency of these drugs in restoring healthy conditions. For this reason, natural herbs such as thyme oil find a full use owing to higher effectiveness and little side effects. The herbs are available in pharmaceutical shelves as herbal rinses, skin care products, insecticides and aromatherapy oils.
On the other hand, the oil comes with numerous benefits when used for cosmetic purposes and in the correct way. The antifungal properties make it a suitable treatment for persistent dandruff while it helps maintain a thick and lustrous hair texture. For those suffering from stunted and damaged hair, they only need to rub the oil mixture on the scalp to achieve higher nutrients circulation that promotes hair regrowth.

Geranium essential oil

Unlike most of the herbs that are used for specific body conditions, Geranium offers a holistic treatment that improves the mental, emotional and physical health of the body. Initially, the oil was widely used as skin scare product in Egypt to preserve a glowing skin and youthful look. Currently, the oil fastens the healing of the cut wounds and blood clotting.
Other than preventing the neural disorders, treating respiratory complications and boosting immunity, the product promotes even nourishment to the hair while toning the head scalp. Mixing the oil with the hair shampoo yields outstanding flowery aroma that keeps the hair fresh throughout the day.

Geranium oil for Hair Growth

Clary Sage oil

Derived from the clary sage plant, the oil comes with a floral, earthy and fruity scent. Widely used as a relaxant for tired and aching muscles, the herb has long been associated with longevity and wisdom in different communities. In the field or aromatherapy, the oil provides mood lifting, antidepressant and sedative effects to the body. When used in massage oils, it contains antimicrobial properties that improve the health of the exposed skin surfaces.
The herb is also considered one of the most effective natural hair growth enhancers as it prevents hair loss, baldness and promotes the growth of a strong and fragrant hair. For those struggling with curly hair, the product improves straightened threads. You can opt to mix with other essential oils such as jojoba and coconut oil to control dandruff.
In conclusion, essential oils are naturally derived herbs that promote hair growth, prevents hair loss, and infections of the scalp without exposing you to harmful side effects. In most instances, the oils are used together to achieve specific health results.

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