True Cost of Propecia

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True Cost of Propecia

Propecia is the sole oral drug approved by the FDA in treating male pattern hair loss. It works by inhibiting the production of the male hormone DHT or dihydrotestosterone, a hormone produced from testosterone combined with 5 Alpha Reductase enzyme.

DHT attacks the hair follicles and make them shrink and inactive, a process that causes male hair loss. When taken, Propecia slows down the loss of hair, and can cause them to re-grow in some areas where the follicles are still functional.

cost of propecia
cost of propecia

The cost of treatment is not among the most expensive medications in the fight against hair loss. However, they could be considerable if one totals the costs and the length of time in the treatment. One of the many drugs used in the fight against hair loss is Propecia.

Propecia is the common term for Finasteride, a successful medication that is an effective treatment to hair loss. From the present indications, the cost of Propecia may not be that high, but it can be quite a drain considering that this treatment is a lifetime commitment.

How much is Propecia?

At the moment, the relative retail costs of Propecia (which can vary from store to store) are just as varied now that there is already a generic version of the medication. For purposes of comparison, the generic version costs around $100.00 for a 6-month supply.

The price of Propecia from Merck (its original manufacturer) is about $250 for a 6-month supply consisting of 168 tablets. The generic price is more than twice the amount from those of the manufacturer. Propecia’s cost in this instance is in comparison with its generic counterpart.

There are other cheaper alternatives like Lipogaine and Keratin Supplement which is proven to be more effective.

Does Propecia re-grow hair?

According to Propecia’s website, there had been a clinical study conducted for 5 years that showed the effectiveness of Propecia in treating hair loss. The study results had been broken down for purposes of laymen reading them.

9 of the 10 men who took Propecia had observable results. The numbers are further broken down to include the data as follows: 48% had hair re-growth or no further loss of hair.

This is compared against the 25% who took the placebo.

2 out of 3 men who took Propecia re-grew their hair, while all of the men who did not take Propecia lost hair.

77% were rated as improved by doctors as against the 15% of men who took a placebo.

Majority of the men who took Propecia reported that their bald spot became smaller, there was a slow down in their hair loss and there was a slight improvement in their appearance.

How to get Propecia

There are several countries where Propecia is available. This includes the United States, some countries in Europe, England, Italy and France. It is also available in Australia and New Zealand and in other countries that had already approved the use of the drug.

Sale of Propecia is also available online now which is quite a convenience for buyers who need not go a neighborhood drugstore to get his supplies. Aside from the convenience, buyers also enjoy the privacy afforded in buying online. Itfollowed the current pricing of the countries where it is sold.

Cost of Propecia

The way drugs are priced is amply demonstrated with the pricing of Finasteride (Propecia) from its discovery to its marketing, all the way to the actual Propecia cost in the end market.

When drug manufacturing giant Merck developed Finasteride, it also had a lucky side effect that the drug company exploited to the hilt. Originally, Finasteride was intended for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostrate).

The side effect found in the study was that the drug also had caused participants to grow hair. With the success of another company’s Rogaine (a drug for hypertension that also causes hair growth) in the treatment of baldness, the company did a savvy marketing move.

After getting an FDA approval for Finasteride (branded as Proscar) in treating enlarged prostate, it secured another separate FDA approval for a 1mg version of a drug for baldness named Propecia. The name is a derivative of “alopecia” (hair loss). Proscar, the prostate drug was issued at 5mg at a much cheaper price.

Propecia is sold at a steep $240 for a 4-month supply while Proscar sells at $9 for the same amount of supply. Seeing the difference later, doctors prescribed Proscar to alopecia patients who cut the pill into 4 parts for their use on their hair loss problem. The lowered Propecia cost in this instance had been engineered by the doctors.
Get cheaper alternatives like Lipogaine and Keratin Supplement which is proven to be more effective.

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