Saw Palmetto And Hair Loss

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Saw Palmetto And Hair Loss

Hair loss is a complaint that is often made by men and women alike. The incidence of this problem seems to be rising and thus, it is necessary that people are provided with an effective solution for it.

One cannot ignore hair loss. Hair plays a pivotal role in making us look appealing. You can hardly expect to come across a person who would say that he is fine with losing his hair.

Hair enables you to complete a certain look. It enhances your beauty and thus, people tend to strive to hold on to their hair for as long as they can.

Saw Palmetto and hair loss

Considering the desperation that people often display when it comes to dealing with hair loss, it comes as no surprise that so many formulations and pills have been introduced in the market to deal with the problem.

When a new formulation or pill is launched and is praised to the skies as the perfect thing that one needs to prevent hair loss, people tend to eat it up. It is only later that they realize that it is just another one of those hoax items and does more harm than good.

Recently, we got to hear a lot about Saw Palmetto Propecia and hair loss.

While Propecia has been in use for hair loss for a long time, not so much time has elapsed since Saw Palmetto has been introduced and thus, it is natural to wonder which is a more effective and safer option and which can be relied on to provide better results.

A closer look at Saw Palmetto

As mentioned before, Propecia has been in use to deal with hair loss since quite some time. It is a 1mg tablet of finasteride. The original intention behind the formulation of finasteride was to deal with prostate enlargement.

It was only later that it was noted that the side effect of the tablet included hair growth in some men and then, its use for hair loss was introduced. It is an FDA-approved medication, so one can use it without worrying about placing their health in jeopardy.

It has been in use since 1997. The mechanism via which Propecia exerts its action is by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to DHT. The formulation is safe as a whole, though a minority of people have complained of sexual dysfunction due to its usage.

Saw Palmetto, which has recently been introduced in the market, is being called as a safer and natural alternative to Propecia. However, the truth of this statement is something that needs to be seen.

Saw Palmetto is a small berry plant found in native America and is said to deal with hair loss and prostate enlargement among other things. It is an herbal solution to hair loss and serves as an internal DHT inhibitor.

Common Misconceptions

It is quite common that when we see that something is composed of natural ingredients, we form an idea that it must be safe for usage. However, this is far from the truth. There are some poisonous herbs as well.

While it is true that Saw Palmettos would not significantly harm your health, you cannot be really certain that it will do you good simply based on the fact that it is a natural ingredient. We do not seem to realize the importance of consulting a doctor before making use of any supplement, even if it is a natural one.

The dosage of Saw Palmetto that is recommended by experts is 200mg twice a day daily.

The issue that you need to keep in your mind when making use of Saw Palmetto as a means to get rid of hair loss is that there is a lack of clinical trials associated with it. You do not really know the full effects of the supplement and thus, cannot be certain that it would not harm you in any way. Just because it is natural and devoid of any chemicals, you cannot assume that it would be safe as well.

Propecia has the backing of several clinical trials and research behind it, which have deemed it to be a relatively safe option. It is FDA-approved, which implies that this is not a supplement that you will regret making use of.

Saw Palmetto might be rather effective in terms of results, and there is certainly a possibility that it is completely safe as well. However, it is the lack of research that has been done in this regard that one should be wary of.

Being cautious in the decision

One needs to be rather careful about the supplement that he makes use of to deal with any medical issue. The debate revolving around Saw Palmetto Propecia and hair loss is an extensive one.

You need to weigh both the options and take the pros and cons of each into account before arriving at a conclusion on which one would prove to be better for usage.

At the end of the day, it is your health that should matter the most. In our attempt to hold on to our hair, we should not forget that it is our health that demands our attention the most, and thus, we need to ensure that the steps we are taking would not be detrimental to it.

Saw Palmetto might be the most useful option out there, but the lack of trials and research somehow makes one wary of it. If you are intent on making use of it, you need to consult a medical practitioner beforehand and should also monitor your health closely.

This will ensure that in case a problem does occur, you can acquire quick consultation that would prevent the problem getting bigger. Do not take the matter lightly and make sure that you come to your decision after careful consideration.

This is a matter of your health and thus, should be dealt with in a cautious manner.

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