Steroids and Hair Loss

by heensom2

Steroids and Hair Loss

Science had found out not too long ago, looked like perfect companions for disaster. When you are using steroids to help you with your body-building or exercise routines, you would have to shut the door on the treatment of your hair fall or hair loss in general.

Hair loss strikes almost everyone, especially if you are predisposed to having male pattern baldness. This means the condition runs in the family from either mother’s or father’s side. Aside from this, it had already been established that steroids play a large role in the case of hair loss.

Today’s treatments are all programmed to help prevent total hair loss. Mostly, they are to slow down the condition, and maybe even reverse the final outcome, meaning you end up with a fuller head of hair than before. Unless you are also using steroids.

Connection with DHT

The steroid connection begins with the substance called dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short. Normally, men have cycles in hair growth, shedding, and renewal. When DHT acts out, it fastens itself to hair follicles which normally are not programmed to endure certain hormonal levels.

With DHT around, the normal cycle becomes short. After shedding, the follicles grow hair strands that are finer, weaker, and less dense. In the end, the hair follicles that lost the hair strands during normal shedding time cannot grow back the hair strands anymore.

Steroids and Loss of Hair

Normally, testosterone gets converted into DHT by an enzyme. The body is always looking to convert free testosterone into DHT. When the level of DHT is high, the hormone collects at the scalp at the hair follicles and does its slow damage.

When men use steroids to help them in their body-building or do their athletic routines, they simply bind themselves to follicles at the scalp. Steroids are derivatives of DHT and they won’t need any conversion to turn into DHT.

Not all steroids cause hair loss, but androgenic compounds and many of today’s steroids are DHT-based.

Steroids and Hair Loss

Androgenic compounds

These are the steroids that cause the side effects brought on by DHT. Unfortunately, these are the steroids DHT is based on. With their higher androgenic rating, they can accelerate genetic pattern hair loss. If at all possible, avoidance is the only course of action.

Other cutting-edge steroids are notorious for the speed they convert to DHT and wreak havoc on the hair follicle’s rhythm in shedding, resting, and re-growing the owner’s hair. Nowadays, one needs to be wary of the use of any steroids, old and newly discovered.

Low testosterone hair loss

Testosterone and androgen levels in persons male or female can be a trigger to hair loss.

For women, this could be the factor of higher testosterone or lower estrogen. For men, it could be a drop in testosterone level.

Whatever the ratio, the imbalance in the testosterone and androgen levels in the body could speed up hair loss. For men, the rise in hair loss incidence can be attributed to the fact that there is a 22% drop in testosterone levels compared to 30 years ago. Using steroids will bring in side effects like hair loss.

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