Cost of Hair Transplant

Cost of Hair Transplant

Hair loss is one of the most common problems by men and women as well as the young and the old alike. Yes, it is common, but no one wants to have the gruesome experience. Having bald spots or thinning of the hair in any part of the head particularly can affect a person’s aesthetic appeal; moreover, the balding may also be a sign of an underlying health issue.

It is but normal to lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair daily and this would not be noticeable because, the same time that the hair starts to fall, new hair starts growing. Hair loss may only be visible if the process off normal hair loss and natural hair growth have been disrupted. There are many predisposing factors why some people have this problem and it could not be pinpointed to a particular cause. Here are some of the most prevalent contributing factors why people lose hair:

  • Familial Tendencies and Family History: This type of hair loss is known as pattern baldness and occurs gradually. For men, the receding hairline is more common and in women, hair thinning is more predominant.
  • Hormonal changes and other health conditions: Imbalance in the level of hormones especially during pregnancy and childbirth as well as thyroid problems may cause temporary hair loss. The primary solution to solve hair loss problems is to treat the underlying cause and have the hormone levels controlled.
  • Autoimmune disorders: In this case, the person’s immune system itself is destroying the hair follicles which in turn cause alopecia.
  • Skin Infections in the Scalp: Most of the infections in the scalp cause the skin to scar and if this happens the growth of new hair in the affected area in the scalp is almost impossible creating a bald spot.
  • Medications: Some medications like chemotherapeutic agents cause the hair to fall off because it destroys the follicles from the roots. This is a temporary form of hair loss and when the treatment is stopped, the hair may start to grow back again.

These are only some of the major causes of hair loss and there are various treatments that have been put into practice by dermatologists dealing and specializing on the treatment of alopecia.

Some of the most sought-after treatments are the hair micropigmentation and hair transplant; these modalities of hair loss treatment may be the last resort especially when all other types of treatments have not been successful.

Hair transplant is a surgical but minimally invasive procedure of moving hair follicles from the donor site to the recipient site or the balding part of the head. It is the treatment of choice for male pattern baldness. This is very effective because natural hair is grown from healthy hair follicles from other parts of the scalp. However, some people hesitate to undergo this procedure because of the fact that it is known to be exorbitant.

Basically, the extent of the hair loss would determine the cost of the procedure. Recent pricing for hair transplant procedures would range from $ 4,000 and up to $ 15, 000. With hair transplant cost priced this much and not being covered by health insurance prevents people from undergoing the treatment.